Chapter 9 edrone - an ecommerce email marketing tool

edrone CRM is a system which is used to analyse customer behaviour (Business Intelligence) and engage them using automated and personalized messages (marketing automation). edrone collects and analyses data on user behaviour in the store and sends personalized, automatic messages to increase sales. Their customers are both major European online stores as well as developing eStores. edrone customers include: x-Kom, Eastend, CitySport, Agent Provocateur, Unhuman, Wojas, Muve and over 300 other stores. Each month edrone handles Internet transactions worth over 2 billion Euros.

edrone is the first CRM (Customer Relationship management) tool designed specifically for ecommerce stores. They cover all of the components of a strong ecommerce email funnel which we discussed, including carts recovery, products recommendations, upsells, newsletters and email transactions and other features. The beauty of this particular site is that it is designed specifically for ecommerce, which means it focuses greatly on any plug-ins and integration requirements you may have.

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Customer intelligence is one of the many different ways edrone uses to pin down the identity of any individual visitor to the store. With that knowledge, it is extremely easy to form email campaigns and offers which are perfect for every individual user. Any user of the store can get one of three statuses: unidentified visitor, identified visitor and logged in user. Be they logged in or not, the CRM system tracks their behaviour throughout the store. There are many classifiers for store users, such as cart size and CLV (Customer Lifetime Value), buyers and browsers, active, recently active, inactive, newsletter subscribers, trendsetters, frequent buyers and potential customers, just to name a few. A very important component is to identify how you have obtained a user’s email, and thus, identification can be created based on newsletter signups, link clicks, or even simply entering their email anywhere in the store. Another very interesting method of tracking user behaviour despite the user not having logged in. The system continues to track logged in customers even after they have logged out, perfecting the behavioural analysis. This is typically done through the use of cookies.

Edrone funnel sample

Edrone funnel sample

We’ve discussed the fact that the true potential for profit lies in the customers you already have, and they should be treated as such. edrone focuses on this fact and prepares personalized messages for every customer you already have. Just to name a few statistics in order to highlight how much retaining customers can benefit you: increasing retention of customers by 5% can increase profitability by 25% to 95%. Additionally, taking care of your current customers can potentially raise your sails by up to 900%.

Loyalty programmes are also a very powerful way to maintain customer purchases. For instance, when a customer’s sum of purchases reaches a desired value, an automated “thank you” message and a Voucher is sent to them. This is a relatively simple procedure and doesn’t demand the involvement of programmers to execute.

Amongst the many features this site has to offer, mainly because it’s moulded to the industry of ecommerce, there are also minor features which have gone overlooked in most stores or services. One example would be the wish list subscription, allowing the customer to sign up for the waiting list and be aware the moment a product is back in stock.

edrone out of stock sample

edrone out of stock sample

This is ideal if you run out a specific item size or capacity. Plus, you can use this feature to inform customers about product launches, such as specific phones, books or similar items being just released. With all this information in mind, it’s important to highlight that edrone focuses on converting visitors to customers, even if they didn’t provide an email address. One great example would be the Welcome popup, which invites the visitor to engage in a newsletter or a similar activity, and the Exit popup, which attempts to keep the visitor on the site by offering appealing information.

9.1 edrone case study: eButik

We’ve talked to the creators of edrone about the best example of their implementation and we have compiled an analysis. A boutique selling women’s clothing online has more than 160 stationery boutiques. is the largest online store in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe, bringing together fashion brands from economy class. The domain currently has over 1 million unique users monthly.

The presented Case Study does not include a list of newsletter subscribers. This means that the results only apply to transactional messages or notifications sent in relation to specific customer behaviour.

In the first week of using edrone, they launched three scenarios for marketing automation.

  • Abandoned cart recovery

  • Loyalty program

  • Reminders of the products viewed

Abandoned cart recovery: The sender was Sarah Farey, a celebrity recognized in the region. In every message, Sarah addressed the customers by name. The messages seemed personal, sent by the famous model. Sarah suggested to customers to order the products they have already added to their cart, with free return guarantee. The personal sender became an ally of customers, and the messages received very high CTOR (clicks to open ratio) of over 55%. In the second week of launching the scenarios, the eButik store has shown a significant increase in sales via the email channel:

*Customer group**:* 25.400 email addresses (These email addresses belong to newly registered users in the first week of edrone implementation). Only this group of customers were sent a personalized marketing automation e-mail by edrone.

The following results were measured by Google Analytics.

  • *Average session:* 7:50 (This is how long the average client spent on-site after being redirected by an edrone message)

  • Conversions: (number of customers): 3.450 (This many additional purchases were completed within one week)

  • New sessions: 4.9%

Although the messages were sent to the addresses registered in the domain, almost 5% of purchases were generated by new users. This means that the clients recommended the store to their friends.

Sales results:

  • Last click conversion < 30 minutes: 50.660 PLN (approx. 12,518 USD)

  • Last click conversion and cross device <7 days: 246.000 PLN (approx. 60,762 USD)

  • Mobile conversions 14.47%

  • Mobile traffic: 38.22%

  • Returning customers 22.4%

  • The value of sales to returning customers: 48%

  • ROI Acquiring new customers using Google Adwords -8% (loss)

  • ROI Restoring customers with edrone: 96%

9.2 edrone case study: X-Kom

X-Kom is the largest electronics and hardware store in the region. In Poland, the store is far ahead of international competition such as Saturn, Media Markt, or Media Expert. X-Kom uses the advanced capabilities of edrone. Fifteen days after purchase, messages are sent, asking for an evaluation of the products purchased. After a short time, users who have purchased the product receive a proposal to purchase accessories or related products. The industry leader in the region pays special attention to the customers classified as Gamers. Those who have purchased a computer with a high-quality graphics card, receive special offers and discounts on high-quality equipment designed for the most demanding games. X-Kom sends behavioural recommendations, such as “best matching products” or “customers who bought that have also bought…” The scale of the store also allows creating reliable A/B tests, adjusting consecutive elements of the test. One of the campaigns, which received a score of 25% after further tests and modifications to content and the subject, already scored 75 points in a 100-point scale.

Transactional messages:

  • Average Open Rate: 43%

  • Average CTR: 19%

A/B Tests:

  • The initial creation 25% points.

  • Creation following changes 75% points.

The amount of sales:

  • On average, the store sells additional products worth EUR 1.4 million within one month, as a result of marketing automation with edrone.