Chapter 1 Introduction

As one of the oldest digital marketing tools, email still carries a lot of weight when it comes to communication and influence. Compared to where it started, email has been analyzed from every possible corner. As a result, a rich number of strategies has formed. As such, it stands to reason why it’s on the first place of all marketing tools used by most companies. In businesses today, however, it is mainly used through countless levels of automation. In fact, email marketing technology is used by 82% of B2B and B2C companies, according to a marketing survey conducted by Ascend2.

With the number of tools and guides online, there is no definite tool which contains a perfect system every ecommerce provider can use. We will go over the requirements you should have from the tools offered to ecommerce stores. Aside from that, we will discuss how to properly utilize the most common features offered by any email creation or marketing tool. For instance, it is extremely easy to create an email campaign, but creating a campaign which will generate a great amount of clicks and not come off as spam to the recipient is not as easy. With many ecommerce examples in the industry, we’ll study some great cases of emails and companies which can help you on the rise to the top. Additionally, we’ll dive into a specific tool utilized for ecommerce stores. edrone, being the only software which is perfectly moulded to fit the ecommerce world is an excellent starting point for any store aiming to achieve greatness. Aside from their visual examples, we’ll study in depth how their system works and how you can apply the knowledge they are willing to share. ⧸⧸ As⧸⧸As⧸⧸ a special offer, edrone ⧸⧸is giving a 50% discount to every reader of this book. Go to to claim it!⧸⧸has offered a ⧸⧸