Learn Email Marketing Strategies That Increase Repeat Purchases, Loyalty, and Grow Your Ecommerce Store

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This book comes from the combined experience of a marketing and a software company.

Aks Kojic

Aks is content marketer at Maerketing.com. He mastered to craft the perfect email through countless days reading psychology studies.

Michael Blak

CEO & Co-Founder at edrone, the CRM and marketing automation platform for Ecommerce. He helps online stores to utilize their full sales potential.

Maciej Mozolewski

"Data Ninja", who helps business to attain their objectives. According to his point of view, data science is both science and art.

Our two ways to grow your online store:

If you think you can improve, this is how we can help:'

Book Contents

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Best Practices

Email sequences that you can adapt right away.


Triggers that will make your customers buy again.

Case studies

We have analyzed dozens of stores to find you the tactics that work.

Email Templates

Easy to apply templates for EVERY use in your marketing automation system.

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